How to Register

* Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on "Register Now"

* If you are an IAEE member and have paid your membership fees up to date then click on "IAEE Member" Wait for the page to refresh

* The next option will be "Indian" or "Non-Indian". Click Non-Indian. Wait for the page to refresh.

*The next option you will get is Delegate or Student. Click whichever you are. Please note, as student you will have to scan and send us a soft copy of your head of institution letter stating that you are a bonafide student. After you click your option, wait for the page to refresh

* Fill in the form completely.

* Then upload a passport size photo of yours, not larger than 300 kb. This step is optional. If you provide us your photo we will print it in your attendance certificate and your visitor id.

* Click on whether you would like a visa invitation letter or not.

*Finally, click "Submit".