Cancellation / Refund of payments

1) All cancellations up to 30th June 2017 will incur a 25% cancellation charge
2) All cancellations up to 30th September 2017 will incur a 60% cancellation charge
3) Money cannot be refunded if requested after 30th September 2017. Deadline Date is stated clearly in the hardcopy conference brochure and in the online registration forms. Refunds will only be made via the original payment method.
Provided you have cancelled your registration to attend an IBA conference in accordance with the terms of the ‘cancellation of registration’ clause included in the ‘Information’ section of the relevant conference programme, you must then confirm to us in writing at the IBA office as soon as possible but in no event later than one year (12 calendar months) from the date of any such conference all necessary details to enable any reimbursement owed to you to be paid. We regret that no refunds will be made after the date that is one year (12 calendar months) after the date of the relevant conference.
If you have made an accommodation booking, either through our housing agent JLC or independently, you are responsible for cancelling this separately. The IBA takes no responsibility for any financial penalties you may incur.