Synomilia–Debate Competition : ( Pre Conference Course on 13th Nov 2017 )

Every aspect of ethics was born, not out of conflict, but out of discussion. Nothing is set in stone. The purpose of a debate is not to determine who is right and who is wrong, or what is right and what is wrong. It’s not about victory or defeat, but about progress. It helps us study an issue in depth and widen our perspectives. It helps us see all outlooks of a matter and understand the world in a broader image. Think you can make an impressive argument? The stage is all yours.

Topics for the debate will be based on issues of bio-ethics and medical ethics, a list of which, you will find below. A total of 8 teams will be chosen after a screening round, prior to the event. Each team must consist of 2 members. They will speak united, either for the topic or against.

The Screening round is an elocution round where each team will pick a topic (from the provided list of topics), and will pick to speak either for or against. Each member of the team will be given 1 minute to speak and will be evaluated separately. The teams with the highest scores will be chosen as the top 8 teams. In the consequent rounds, each team will be given 5 minutes – 2minutes for opening statement, 2 minute for rebuttal, 1 minute for closing (+ 2 minutes if required). There are three rounds in total – the Quarterfinals with 8 teams, the Semis- with the proceeding four teams, and the Finals with the last two teams.

Best Team:
First: Rs. 5000/
Second: Rs. 3,000/
Third: Rs. 2,000/
Best Speaker ‘FOR’: 2000/
Best Speaker ‘AGAINST’: 2000/