Useful Tips

* Climate is always warm and humid, so wear light cotton clothes.

* Protect yourself from mosquito bites by wearing sensible clothing, applying mosquito repellant and avoiding outdoor activities in the dawn and dusk.

* Tipping is expected in restaurants, usually 3-4% of the total bill if more than Rs. 1,000/- and 5-6% if less.

* Yenepoya University campus is tobacco-free and alcohol-free.

* Most hotel rooms are smoke-free too, please check with your hotel reception before you light up.

* Uber and Ola are radio taxis in the city which you can call for from the apps in your cellphones.

* You could just flag down the three-wheeler autorickshaw (like the tuk-tuk of the far east). Please don't encourage beggars or persuasive balloon-sellers, while waiting at traffic junctions.

* Don't leave unattended your cash, cards, jewellery, other valuables and important documents like passports, etc.

* Please consult your family physician about the necessary vaccines/prophylaxis needed before you start your journey to Incredible India.